About Us

Our Mission

Mission: United Way of Salem County engages the caring power of the community via Giving, Advocacy, and Volunteering to advance the access to critical resources in Education, Income Stability, Health, and Youth Development

Our Goals

Education Goal: Build a strong foundation of early education, promote increased high school graduation with transition to and through post-secondary education and/or career development

Education Objectives:

1. Increase the # and % of children (by age 4) who are ready to enter kindergarten

2. Increase the # and % of 3rd grade students who are reading on grade level

3. Increase the # and % of 12th grade students who are graduating and pursuing post-secondary education

Income Stability Goal: Help people gain the income and financial tools to thrive

     Income Stability Objectives:

4. Increase the # and % of households who are financially stable and have sufficient income and resources to
    support their families

5. Increase the # and % of households who are building assets, establishing long-term savings

6. Decrease the # and % of households who consistently receive assistance for basic needs

Health Goal: Improve child and adult health by promoting healthy behaviors

Health Objectives:

7. Increase the # and % of individuals and families who have access to health insurance and regular healthcare

8. Increase the # and % of children and adults who are healthy; free from illness or disease

9. Decrease the # and % of children and adults who are obese

Youth Development Goal: Create a cohesive coalition to address gaps in service throughout Salem County and provide positive developmental resources for youth

Youth Development Objectives:

10. Increase the # and % of youth (13 - 18) that are actively engaged through volunteerism in their community

11. Decrease the # and % of youth (13 - 18) that transition into juvenile justice system

12. Increase life skills, civic responsibility, and leadership skills among youth within the broader Salem County